Report: Grab drivers association to meet today on rate revision, strike possible

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 3 — The Grab Drivers Malaysia Association (GDMA) is meeting today to decide how it will address the latest rate revision, Utusan Malaysia reported.

It also cited GDMA vice-president Mohd Azril Ahmat saying its drivers could go on strike later today as a form of protest against the Grab management for changing the rates.

“If we go to the Grab Driver Centre to strike without discussing it first and when the question-and-answer time comes, we have no facts to back us up against the management.

“Because of that, we ask for some time so that we can gather information,” Mohd Azril was quoted as saying in explaining why the association is holding a meeting first.

Grab recently adjusted its ride-hailing fare system, lowering the distance charges from 70 sen to 25 sen per kilometre but increasing the time charges from 20 sen to 43 sen.

In a statement released last month, the company said Grab drivers stand to gain from the new rates as they would be paid higher during rush hour even for shorter distances, due to the traffic jams.

However, Utusan Malaysia reported that Grab drivers are dissatisfied and have claimed a 65 per cent drop in their earnings per kilometre.

According to the news report, the drivers insist that road congestions are infrequent and mostly happen only in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.