Report: Former PKR veep Tian Chua keen to reclaim Batu seat in GE15

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 11 — Former PKR vice-president Chua Tian Chiang has said that he is mulling a comeback in Batu at the next general election (GE15) because it is what his former constituents want.

Chua, who was the Batu MP for two terms from GE12, blamed Barisan Nasional (BN) for his decision not to defend the seat in GE14, alleging that the coalition had been behind a case in which he had been found guilty of insulting the honour of police officers.

“It is true that I want to return to the Batu parliamentary seat, but it all depends on the party. I think it is not my intention alone but to heed the demands of the grassroots. Many in the Batu community want me to return to the seat.

“I don’t care which seat the party decides to assign me as a candidate. But the average Batu resident wants me to serve in Batu,” he told the Malay newspaper’s weekend edition, Mingguan Malaysia.

In the previous general election, Chua was disqualified from standing, after his nomination papers were rejected by the Election Commission on nomination day due to the decision by the Shah Alam High Court to uphold his conviction for insulting the honour of police officers.

As a result, he chose to support Independent candidate, P. Prabakaran, who won the seat with 38,125 votes by defeating BN candidate, Dominic Lau Hoe Chai, who got 13,687 votes, PAS candidate, Azhar Yahya (10,610) and another Independent candidate, Datuk VM Panjamothy (383).