Rep. Jared Moskowitz Trolls GOP Rep. James Comer On The Bromance That Never Was

Congress is going into recess, and Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Fla.) admits it’s going to be hard for him to “quit” his relationship with Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky.

The two members of the House Oversight Committee have long had an adversarial relationship, one that first came to light in November, when the committee chair called Moskowitz a “Smurf.”

Apparently Comer was miffed when Moskowitz noted that the chair had engaged in the types of wire transfers that he claimed showed President Joe Biden was engaged in corrupt business deals.

Since then, Moskowitz has continued to mock Comer’s baseless investigation of Biden, as well as Comer himself in various ways.

For instance, when Comer called him “Little Moskowitz” on Newsmax last November, the Florida congressman noted the comment was the “first true thing Comer has said all year.”

Moskowitz also dared Comer to second a motion to impeach Biden in March, only to get crickets from the chair.

On Thursday, as members of Congress prepared to break for a recess, Moskowitz made one last attempt to troll Comer: A video tribute to their “bromance” set to the tune of Lionel Richie’s “Hello.”

“The Biden impeachment is dead, but my relationship with Comer is very much alive. I’ll miss you during recess, James,” the congressman posted on social media.