Rep. Jamie Raskin Rips ‘Odd’ Secret Service Missing Texts Explanation: ‘I Don’t Really Buy That for 1 Minute’ (Video)

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As the congressional committee’s investigation into the Jan. 6 Capitol riots continues to unfurl across publicly broadcast hearings, more and more shocking information has come to light. Among the major revelations is that the text messages sent by Secret Service agents on and before the insurrection were missing due to a pre-planned “system migration.”

That explanation doesn’t appear to have convinced Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Maryland Congressman who sits on the House committee investigating the events of Jan. 6.

“I don’t really buy that for one minute,” Raskin said Monday on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.” “For one thing, isn’t it a little odd that all of the texts would vanish for Jan. 6 and Jan. 5? Of all the days, what an odd coincide that is. There was a pre-planned migration of the phone that just happened to be on the same day as the first violent insurrection in American history? I’m a little dubious of that.”

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In response to the Department of Homeland Security’s admission that the texts had been erased and the Washington Post report that the DHS inspector general knew about this in February but had not said anything, Reps. Bennie Thompson and Liz Cheney released a joint statement raising “concerns.” Speculation has continued for a week as to the true nature of the text message’s disappearance.

Raskin emphasized to Colbert that throughout the House committee’s investigation, the truth has consistently come to light in spite of efforts to obscure those truths.

“I will tell you this – everybody that has tried to hide a fact and hide the truth from this committee has gotten his or her comeuppance because there are other people coming forward to tell the truth all the time,” he said.

The Representative, who was in the Capitol on Jan. 6, also recounted how his fellow Congressional colleagues feared the worst when the crowd breached the building.

“Everybody was calling their spouses, their kids, their parents to say goodbye,” he said. “All of us had assumed that if one person had somehow gotten into the Capitol and had eluded the security that we have without a background screening, that person would be shot. But instead, we had hundreds of people descend upon the Capitol. And most people were convinced that somebody was going to take out an AR-15.”

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