‘Fox & Friends’ Host Tells Viewers to ‘Go to Work’ and ‘Live With’ COVID While Broadcasting Solo in Studio

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Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade thinks it’s time to “live with” COVID and told “Fox & Friends” viewers as much Tuesday — even though he was broadcasting apart from his colleagues due to, well, COVID.

“It’s called live with it. Go to work. Live with it. Get on a train. Get on a bus. Get on a plane. How do we live with it? We can no longer hide from it,” he declared after a longer discussion of school closures and the impact of remote learning on children.

As he spoke, he and his co-hosts each appeared in their own frame on air, signaling that they are not broadcasting together from their show’s famous curvy couch and are instead social distancing. Kilmeade, however, was in the studio, as he pointed out on Twitter. Like most companies, Fox News Media is still taking serious precautions to keep its employees safe amid the latest spike of positive cases and hospitalizations.

At the end of December, Fox News removed the option for employees to opt out of its vaccine mandate with negative COVID tests. Those working in New York City, as the “Fox & Friends” hosts do, needed to show proof of at least one jab by Dec. 27 to work in the office.

Head to Mediaite for the clip.

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