Remnant 2 gets its very first DLC, and it looks freaking awesome

 Remnant 2 logo.
Remnant 2 logo.

What you need to know

  • Remnant 2 is a coop Soulslike experience that explores the formula through gun use.

  • Remnant 2 is getting its first DLC, "The Awakened King."

  • A new area to explore is called Forlorn Coast. In it, players can expect a little less procedural generation in favor of set areas.

Remnant 2 took the world by storm earlier this year. A game focused on blazing action mixed with the punishing gameplay found in Soulslike titles, Remnant 2 quickly rose to the top of gaming charts worldwide. At one point, it surpassed over 110,000 players on Steam alone.

In a move that is not only business sound but will equally excite players, Gunfire Games have announced their first DLC, "The Awakened King."

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From Gunfire Games"In this upcoming DLC for REMNANT II, The One True King has awakened and is out for blood. Corrupted by the Root during his near-death slumber, the mad king sees betrayal at every turn and is on a rampage of revenge. Since his castle first arrived in a Dran coastal town, the tides are angry and the weather is chaotic, surfacing all manner of creatures from the depths and leaving many mysteries in its wake. In a brand new storyline, survivors must uncover the secrets behind The One True King by exploring a mysterious new area within the world of Losomn. In this strange new location, survivors will traverse new dungeons, acquire powerful equipment, meet unexpected allies and face new threats in their adventure to reach The One True King and defeat him once and for all."

Below is a detailed list of features for The Awakened King, coming November 14th:

  • New Storyline, Dungeons, and Area Based in the World of Losomn:

    • Delve deeper into the land of Losomn and experience a brand new storyline about the One True King - whose mind has been poisoned by the Root and is out for revenge against those who oppose him.

  • New Archetype - The Ritualist:

    • Leveraging status effects to punish foes, this new Archetype is a master of pain and suffering. More details on the Archetype will be revealed closer to the DLC's launch.

  • Many Items and Powerful Weapons that Enhance Gameplay:

    • Outfit your survivor to survive this more deadly version of the world of Losomn by choosing from a host of new weapons and modifications, along with new items, like amulets and rings.

  • New Bosses, Characters and Fearsome Creatures to Encounter:

    • Mysterious threats and survivors, of unknown origin, emerge from the ocean depths and roam the streets bringing new challenges for all players.

The new area in Losomn is called Forlorn Coast. In it, players can expect a little less procedural generation in favor of set areas. Gunfire Games has said this will help create more narrative-focused content for players. You'll also be able to play the content without having to reroll the campaign so long as you've finished the Losomn area once already.

Remnant 2 is one of my favorite games of 2023. I poured hours into it during my Remnant 2 review, racking up several guides while loving every second of it. Now that performance has been primarily patched, now is a fantastic time to take on the Root and learn once and for all why Remnant 2 deserves a spot in every Dark Souls fan's inventory before the DLC drops on November 14th.

Make sure to return tomorrow as I have a personal interview with the principal designer, Ben Cureton. I'll be asking him questions related to the DLC, the history of Remnant 2, and more.

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