Relativity delays 3D-printed Terran rocket launch

STORY: Relativity Space called off the planned debut launch of its 3D-printed rocket in Florida on Wednesday (March 8).

The California-based startup was concerned over issues with fuel temperature.

It delays a key test of the company's new strategy for cutting manufacturing costs.

The Terran 1 rocket is 110 feet tall, and 85% of it is made with a 3D-printer.

The company said the next launch attempt is scheduled for Saturday (March 11).

Relativity is one of a few U.S. rocket startups competing to meet demand for cheap launch services.

The firm believes it can make cost savings by using giant, robotic 3D-printers to simplify rocket production lines.

Most of its rivals, including Elon Musk's SpaceX, have focused on building rockets that are re-useable.

Relativity's Terran 1 launch aims to prove the company's belief its 3D-printed structure can cope with the forces involved.

Launch demand is currently driven by firms like SpaceX, OneWeb and Jeff Bezos' Amazon.

Those firms want to send thousands of internet-beaming satellites to low-Earth orbit over the next few years.