RELA looking into reports Malaysians were registered as officers without knowledge

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The People’s Volunteer Corps, or RELA, said today that it will investigate reports of people being registered as officers without their knowledge.

RELA, which recruits volunteers to support the government’s enforcement officers, denied breaching data privacy in today’s statement, while also suggesting that it was on the lookout for individuals who may have abused other people’s data by adding them to RELA’s system.

“RELA takes note of the public’s concern and will take the necessary action in conducting an internal probe to identify the membership registration procedures before Act 752 came into effect,” its statement said, adding: “RELA will not compromise with anyone who intentionally processed or used an individual’s personal information without the individual’s permission.”

Anyone who would like to register with RELA is required to submit their written application to its director-general, it added. Affected individuals who wish to terminate their membership may contact them through phone or email.

The organization did not disclose the number of people who were registered by mistake. Those affected include Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim and his wife.

“It appears I have been a member of RELA since 2011, without realizing it,” Sim wrote online. “Complete with membership number and platoon code. How did this happen? Is there automatic registration of all Malaysians? Because my wife is also a member of RELA, according to the RELA member review site.”

Have you been listed as a RELA member? You might want to do a quick check, here.

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