'Reject dictatorship, support true Rocket spirit,' urges sacked DAP rep

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'Reject dictatorship, support true Rocket spirit,' urges sacked DAP rep
'Reject dictatorship, support true Rocket spirit,' urges sacked DAP rep

Malim Nawar state assemblyperson Leong Cheok Keng has reacted with shock and sadness to the news that his DAP membership has been terminated by the party, but has vowed to continue serving his constituents.

In a statement today, he said he took the news with dismay but wished for DAP members in his constituency in Perak to reject "dictatorship and hypocrisy" and press on with the party's original struggle.

"I have been informed by media friends that my DAP party membership has been terminated by the party.

"Even though all good things must come to an end, it was with great sorrow and dismay that I received this untimely news. I was hoping that it was a bad joke, but it is not.

"After all, this is the party in which I have spent more than a decade of my life," said Leong (above).

He added that he wished he could leave the party on good terms.

"Hence, I urge all DAP members in my constituency to remain calm and continue the party's struggle. I would like them to follow the directions of the party central leadership and enhance democracy in the party while rejecting dictatorship and hypocrisy and supporting good leaders with the true 'Rocket' spirit.

Yesterday, DAP's disciplinary committee terminated Leong's membership with immediate effect after it was reported that he had applied to become a member of MCA on Jan 5.

"Any person found to apply or hold the membership of another political party will have their DAP membership terminated as such dual-membership is deemed a treachery to the party," said DAP disciplinary committee chairperson Chong Chieng Jen.

Chong said DAP had sent Leong a show-cause letter on Jan 6 over media reports that he had applied to join MCA. However, Leong told the media on Jan 15 that he would not reply to the show-cause letter.

Chong Chieng Jen
Chong Chieng Jen

Leong said the decision to terminate his membership would in no way affect his service in his constituency.

"I shall play an even more meaningful role in the state assembly in terms of formulation of state government policies in favour of the people in general and the Chinese community in particular, and in my constituency in terms of solving local issues," said Leong.

Leong, who is serving his second term as the Malim Nawar assemblyperson, recently locked horns with Perak DAP chief Nga Kor Ming over the latter's willingness to work with Umno during the Perak political crisis last month.

In September 2019, Leong had announced his resignation from the Perak DAP committee as a result of dissatisfaction with Nga over his treatment of then Perak executive councillor Paul Yong who is facing rape charges.