Rehabilitated Green Sea Turtle Returned to Ocean on Earth Day

A rehabilitated green sea turtle was released into the ocean in Marathon, Florida, on April 22, in celebration of Earth Day.

This video shows crowds gathered to watch TJ Sharp, a 65-pound juvenile green sea turtle, being returned to the ocean by workers with the Turtle Hospital, which is based in the Florida Keys.

TJ Sharp was rescued in February because of benign cauliflower-like tumors on his flippers, according to a news release. He was nursed back to health with antibiotics, fluids, and a diet of greens and mixed seafood.

Turtle Hospital Manager Bette Zirkelbach said there is nothing better than being able to rescue one of the world’s oldest animals. "To be able to take a sea turtle, rehabilitate it, and return it to its ocean home on Earth Day? It’s just an amazing day,” Zirkelbach said. Credit: Florida Keys News Bureau via Storyful

Video transcript

- Come up here, Hammer, help me out, buddy. All right.

- Good morning, everyone.

- Morning.

- Are you camera shy? Good morning. Good job.

- Here is good.

- Don't look at the camera. All right, so then 1, 2, 3. A little closer, a little closer.


- Freaking out a little. I think he's ready. Uh-oh. Going the wrong way!


- Yes.


- Thank you for coming!

- Sea turtles are the oldest animal known to man. To be able to take a sea turtle, rehabilitate it, and return it to its ocean home on Earth Day, it's just an amazing day. What people need to do to make every day Earth Day is to reduce single use plastics, keep trash out of our oceans, and help keep our planet clean.

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