Redfall's houses are so unliveable you've got to wonder why the vampires moved in


Fans eager to team up for some vampire-slaying action from Arkane, the studio that brought us the brilliant Dishonored and the equally impressive Deathloop, have been left more than a little disappointed by Redfall, not least because of its lack of polish.

Over on the Redfalll subreddit, players have been highlighting the shambolic state of some of the game's houses. Firstly, there appears to be a severe plumbing issue going on, as footage posted by Reddit user Neosss1995 shows. In the video, the player approaches a sink and turns on the tap. As they do so, you can hear the water running and even see it disappearing down the plughole, but not a drop comes out of the tap itself. "I don't know why they let us interact with faucets if they don't even put the effect of the water jet," says Neosss1995.

While the water is flowing freely for some, others have also been having issues. "I've got water but it's almost impossible to see on my end like I have to get real close and squint at the screen to see it," one user replies in the comments. Another writes. "Mine shows up eventually. Bad pipes".

Unfortunately, they're not the only ones that think dwellings in Redfall leave a lot to be desired. In a separate Reddit post, user TrueOni shared an image of what's supposed to be a chimney.

In response, fans are questioning what on earth possessed the people of this fictitious island town to purchase property here. "Between this and the doors without handles, I'm starting to question why anyone even lived in Redfall", says user Phasmamain. Having given it some more thought, they came to the conclusion that both questionable designs could actually be a deliberate safety measure to protect against all manner of unsavoury creatures. "Must have been an anti-vampire measure built into all houses. No bats entering the chimney and no vampires entering the doors."

That being said, let's hope the citizens of Redfall got a heck of a deal on their houses.

In our Redfall review, we said, "Not even awesome vampires and world design can redeem Redfall's repetitive gameplay, which becomes progressively more monotonous the longer you play."

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