Reddit users get excited over Baby Yoda cloud formation

Melanie Chalil
Many were amused over the cloud formation that resembled the legendary Jedi Master. — Picture from Reddit

PETALING JAYA, Jan 22 — One Reddit user proved you don’t have travel to a galaxy far, far away to be in the presence of your favourite Star Wars character.

The unnamed woman shared the uncanny silhouette of an infant Yoda in the clouds courtesy of a friend who was on vacation.

The image, taken during a golden sunset in an unknown location shows a cloud formation of the legendary Jedi Master complete with his unmistakable elfin ears that would delight any Star Wars fanatic.

“A family friend took this picture while on vacation and I can’t unsee Baby Yoda!” Reddit user yycheart wrote.

The picture which was posted five days ago under a subreddit “dedicated to the beautiful Baby Yoda” which currently has 83,300 “children” and 369 subscribers who are “using the force.”

Devotees could not stop themselves from praising the cloud formation and did not hold back on the character’s divine qualities.

“He has risen (and condensed),” one user cleverly wrote.

“Even some higher power out there knows... this is the way,” said another, referencing Jediism, a philosophy based on Jedi characters in the popular franchise.

“He always was and will be there, he is the force,” a user added.

In 2001, Jediism made headlines following a worldwide campaign that urged people to write “Jedi” as their religion in their country’s census as a joke answer.

The movement resulted in what was known as the Jedi census phenomenon.