Red-hot lava forces evacuations in Spain's La Palma

Over 700 residents on the Spanish island of La Palma were ordered to abandon their homes on Tuesday as red-hot lava advanced towards their neighborhood.

According to the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan, those in La Laguna were told to evacuate with their belongings and pets, as a river of molten rock flowed from Cumbre Vieja, a volcano in La Palma’s northeastern region.

La Palma resident Enrique Gonzalez said, “Getting things out of my aunt's house before this demon arrives here, because the path it flows leads to my aunt and grandparents' house, at least get out what we can, because you can't fight against nature.”

"We have made a preventive evacuation, with enough time to be able to take out everything that was necessary, documents, things of sentimental value," said Angel Morcuende, technical director of PEVOLCA.

There were 64 seismic movements on Tuesday, the strongest measuring 4.1, the Spanish National Geological Institute said. Lava from the eruption that began on September 19 has laid waste to nearly 1,500 acres and destroyed 1,200 buildings.

The volcano's cone partially collapsed on last weekend, forming a new river of lava that devoured banana and avocado plantations and most of the remaining houses in the town of Todoque.

Nearly 6,700 people have been evacuated since the eruptions began on La Palma, which is home to roughly 83,000 people.

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