Red Dead Redemption 2 player makes heartbreaking discovery about John and Abigail on seventh playthrough

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 Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption

A Red Dead Redemption 2 player has made a heartbreaking discovery about Abigail and John Martson, and it only took them seven playthroughs to notice.

As shared in the Red Dead Redemption subreddit, one user has found a few details about a specific piece of land in the Rockstar game and its prequel, Red Dead Redemption 2. As pointed out in the post below, the couple stands above their ranch during the scene where Abigail tells John to "get to work" raising their boy. However, later in the Read Dead timeline, in the first game, this is the exact spot where players can find the couple's graves years later.

This is a bittersweet realization because it means the pair stayed together for the rest of their lives and spent their days living on the same ranch. However, things get a bit more emotional in the comments of the post, as one user also points out that John and Abigail also got married in this spot - meaning a lot of their memories are wrapped up in that ranch and on that hill specifically, making it the perfect but also most heartbreaking place to lay them to rest.

It seems this player isn't alone in finding this connection for the first time, despite multiple playthroughs. As one user commented under the post: "Every day, we learn a new thing about this game; it's a gift that keeps on giving." Another adds: "This game does so many things I don't realize until someone points it out." So if you want to see the evidence yourself, we suggest replaying Red Dead Redemption again.

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