Recycling-focused art exhibition opens in Tripoli

STORY: Location: Tripoli, Libya

A traveling exhibition focused on recycling

has made its way to the Museum of Libya

(Mohammed Kaawan, Director, Museum of Libya)

"The idea of the exhibition is to recycle and reuse some of the waste that would have otherwise been buried in landfills, and to inspire people on how to reuse and recycle these things, in addition to preserving the environment. It is excellent to witness the idea of the exhibition and seeing how items were reused. This exhibition has travelled from America to Morocco, Tunisia and now Tripoli."

The '3CODESIGN. 3R: Reduce Recycle Reuse' show

tells the story of environmental sustainability

It showcases Italian-made recycled products

and sustainable materials and technologies

(Ali Al-Raqeibi, Environmental Activist)

"I think the exhibition is excellent, I firstly would like to thank the organizers and secondly, I advise youth to try to take advantage of this exhibition, to think of future recycling projects to get rid of the garbage piling up everywhere, and I think it would be revolutionary in terms of finding a civilized solution for the garbage and to allow Libyans to create jobs opportunities."