Recoveries rapidly outpacing active COVID-19 cases: Health Ministry

New Delhi [India], June 27 (ANI): Even as India is battling with COVID-19 pandemic and the total number of cases crossed 5 lakh, the Central government on Saturday claimed that the total number of recovered COVID-19 cases has fast outgrown the number of active COVID-19 cases.

With India reporting to about 5,08,953 COVID-19 cases till date, the number of active cases stands at 1,97,387 and the number of cured cases is 2,95,880 as per the union health ministry data issued at 8 AM on Saturday.

"The difference between recoveries and active cases is fast nearing 1 lakh. As of today, the recovered cases have exceeded the active cases by 98,493. With this encouraging status, the recovery rate is touching 58.13 per cent amongst COVID-19 patients," stated the health ministry press statement.

The top 15 States in terms of absolute numbers of COVID-19 recovered cases are: Maharashtra (73,214), Gujarat (21,476), Delhi (18,574), Uttar Pradesh (13,119), Rajasthan (12,788), West Bengal (10,126), Madhya Pradesh (9,619), Haryana (7,360), Tamil Nadu (6,908), Bihar (6,546), Karnataka (6,160), Andhra Pradesh (4,787), Odisha (4,298), Jammu And Kashmir (3,967), Punjab (3,164).

The top 15 states in terms of recovery rate are: Meghalaya (89.1 per cent), Rajasthan (78.8 per cent), Tripura (78.6 per cent), Chandigarh (77.8 per cent), Madhya Pradesh (76.4 per cent), Bihar (75.6%), Andaman And Nicobar Islands (72.9 per cent), Gujarat (72.8 per cent), Jharkhand (70.9 per cent), Chhattisgarh (70.5 per cent), Odisha (69.5per cent), Uttarakhand (65.9 per cent), Punjab (65.7 per cent), Uttar Pradesh (65.0 per cent) and West Bengal (65.0 per cent).

In order to ramp up testing facilities, India now has 1026 diagnostic labs dedicated to COVID-19. This includes 741 in the government sector and 285 private labs. According to the government, the 2,20,479 samples have been tested in the last 24 hours while 79,96,707 total samples have been tested so far. (ANI)