Record label counts cost of BTS break

STORY: BTS fans were left in tears by the band’s announcement they were taking a break and pursuing solo projects.

But the South Korean group’s management company also had to deal with unhappy investors on Wednesday (June 15).

Tuesday’s announcement angered investors in the K-pop band's record label HYBE.

The company, which went public two years ago, saw shares fall by a quarter on Wednesday and wipe just over $1.5 billion off its market value.

HYBE shares have performed poorly in recent months.

The company’s CEO and some BTS members sold stock for around $7.75 million in December.

BTS’ upbeat hits and messages of youth empowerment have turned them into global megastars.

But some band members are close to military service age, potentially requiring an unavoidable break from music.

All able-bodied South Korean men must do about two years of military service.

The oldest BTS member, Jin, is due to begin duty next year.

There could be a reprieve on the cards, though.

A bill pushing for military exemptions for globally renowned artists is pending in parliament.

It comes after a long debate over whether BTS deserve the same benefits and exemptions that sports athletes enjoy.

Investors, and fans, will hope lawmakers vote to give the boys a break.

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