Reconstruction of Damaged Kyiv Buildings Underway

The restoration of residential buildings in Kyiv, Ukraine, that were damaged by Russian strikes began in June, according to Kyiv’s Mayor, Vitali Klitschko.

The footage from Tuesday, July 12, shows the restoration progress of one out of the 11 buildings that the city plans to finish reconstructing before cold weather returns. Out of 144 apartments in the building shown, 100 were damaged from missile strikes that also partially destroyed the stairwells, elevator shaft, and windows, according to Klitschko.

The capital allocated 600 million Ukrainian hryvni (about USD$20 million) for the reconstruction of housing and social infrastructure, and the Ukrainian government promised to provide another 200 million UAH (about USD$6.8 million), according to a Telegram post made by Klitschko.

In total, 390 residential and public-use buildings in the capital are awaiting restoration efforts, according to officials. Credit: Vitali Klitschko via Storyful