Reckless man risks being hit by train while smoking and video-calling friends from train track in Devon, UK

A young man in Devon, UK, put himself and others at risk when he chose a train track as the ideal place to smoke and video-call friends. The incident happened on the viaduct on the main railway line through Dawlish in Devon, on the south-west coast of England. The man spends over twelve minutes on the rails, coming close to being hit by the sleeper train coming from Paddington station in London. The train comes through 2:41 into the video. First, he appears to be admiring the work that Bam Nuttall has been doing with the upgrade to the Dawlish sea wall for Network Rail. He then decides its time for a cigarette, followed by a few selfies from between the two train tracks. While he's taking these selfies, he hears the train coming and runs for it. He puts his hood up and waves at the driver while walking along the northbound tracks. Once the train has passed, he heads back along the viaduct to video-call a friend for a few minutes while sitting on the rail, minutes after he had narrowly missed the train. He was spotted on the latest 'Sea Breeze Cafe cam', which is a 4K camera that has the very latest in night vision technology. This camera is run by Dawlish Beach Cams, 24/7 on their website and YouTube.

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