Rebecca Joynes: Teenager who fathered child with jailed teacher says he loved her after being 'coerced and controlled'

A teenage boy who fathered a child with jailed teacher Rebecca Joynes has told how he loved her but now understands the "full extent of the abuse carried out on me".

The teenager, who can be identified only as boy B, gave a victim impact statement after Joynes was jailed for six-and-a-half years on Thursday.

Boy B has said he was "coerced and controlled" by Joynes before having sex with her, and believes a teenage girl who was abused by a male teacher would have been given more support after the ordeal.

Joynes became pregnant after having sex with boy B while on bail for having sexual activity with another teenager named boy A.

The 30-year-old was found guilty of six counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child, including two while being a person in a position of trust, in relation to the two boys in May.

The teenagers, who were both pupils at the school where Joynes used to work, were each groomed by her from the age of 15.

'A very dark time'

In a victim impact statement read out after Joynes was sentenced on Thursday, boy B said he initially "struggled to come to terms with my abuse" and was "completely in denial".

He added: "I would argue until I was blue in the face protecting her and would not hear a bad word against her. I felt as though I had betrayed someone I love and had done wrong by giving evidence."

The teenager said he "felt a large sense of guilt" and questioned whether he should be giving statements about the woman who was carrying his child.

"Since then I have replayed a lot of things in my head, and spoken to a lot of people, and it has made me realise the full extent of the abuse carried out on me and the tactics that were used to do so," he continued.

"I was coerced and controlled, manipulated, sexually abused, and mentally abused... The months after the abuse happened to me, was a very dark time, I felt backed into a corner."

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'These crimes go unnoticed'

Boy B, who says he eventually left school with straight As, continued: "My parents broke down every day and night trying to get me to speak. I thought I would be better off dealing with things alone, as it is a rare case and not very relatable to others."

He added: "The gender and inequality I have faced is absurd. I feel that because of my gender this is seen as a lesser crime than it would be vice versa.

"The grooming started at 15 years of age, and I have struggled to find any services which support males of my age, in sexual abuse counselling and support.

"There are a lot for young females and children though. I feel like sometimes these crimes go unnoticed due to men bottling things up, I hope there is an increase in these services in the future."

Boy B also said Joynes had shown a "lack of remorse" and that he believes neither she nor her family believes she has done anything wrong.

He adds that he now struggles with the idea of entering into a relationship due to the "negative experience I have gone through with Rebecca".

Boy B continued: "This is not what I wanted for my child, my picture of having children, was with someone I loved in a stable environment, the way that I have been brought up. Sadly, this is not the case.

"Ultimately, I will forever be Rebecca's victim and forever linked to her through our child."

Joynes gave birth to their son in early 2024, but the child was taken away from her within 24 hours.

Boy B told police Joynes had told him she could not have a baby and they had unprotected sex, but in fact she later discovered she was pregnant.

The day before she was arrested for a second time, Joynes invited him to her flat for a "date night" involving an Ann Summers scratchcard of sexual activities, rose petals and "surprises", the court heard.

At the end it was a baby grow, saying, "Best Dad" on the front.

"I was like, 'What the f***!'" boy B told police.