'He is Really Naughty': 5-Year-Old Gives Verdict on Boris Johnson Amid Downing Street Party Row

A little girl in Leicester, England, summed up why UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had been ‘really naughty’ following the news that a gathering was held in the garden at Downing Street in May 2020 during lockdown.

In video posted to Facebook on January 13 by her father Nitesh Somani, five-year-old Layla explains how Johnson had misbehaved to her grandparents.

“He told everybody to stay at home but in lockdown…he just went down to a party… He is really naughty. He had to go to the naughty centre and tell everybody that he is sorry for going to a party in lockdown,” Layla says in the video. She goes on to say that because of this, he can no longer be prime minister and that someone else will have to take the job.

But there is hope for Johnson. “If he’s lucky he can go back to his prime minister home,” Layla says.

Somani told Storyful that Layla has a keen interest in politics and thought Boris Johnson was “naughty” as she could not have a fourth birthday party in lockdown.

“She calls the House of Commons the naughty centre,” Somani said.

Johnson apologised for the gathering in Parliament on January 12, saying he believed it was “a work event”. Credit: Nitesh Somani via Storyful

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