'Really Eerie!': Landslide Hits Campground Following Earthquake in Central California

Visitors at a campsite at Whitney Portal, California, were fortunate to avoid injury after a landslide hit the area following a magnitude 5.8 earthquake on June 24.

Clouds of dust can be seen hanging in the air close to a carpark and camping ground in a video posted to Twitter by John Chrissinger, who was holidaying at the site.

“I was standing in the picnic area of the Portal area, when there was a low rumble and then a few pretty hard shakes to the right and left, only lasted about 10 seconds

“There was a thunderous crash and you could see part of the mountain coming down, lucky that we were on the other side of the portal road, I did not have time to video the landslide it all happened so fast, was over in 30 seconds. Funny it was just dead silence and all the dirt rising up after the slide. Felt really eerie,” Chrissinger told Storyful.

Campgrounds were being evacuated and no injuries were reported, the Inyo County Sheriff said.

The USGS initially reported the quake as magnitude 6.0, but amended their reading to magnitude 5.8.

The shocks were felt by local residents in the California cities of Fresno and Acampo, and in Las Vegas, Nevada, among other areas near the epicenter. Credit: John Chrissinger via Storyful