'It's a really bad place': Migrants in Belarus camp

Those interviewed, all ethnic Kurds from Iraq, said they were facing cold temperatures, illness, and pushbacks from the Polish forces, for those who tried to cross the border.

Rebaz Rahman, a 33 year-old former taxi driver said he wants to go to the UK. He has been in the camp for 10 days and has tried to cross the border to Poland and Lithuania many times, only to be pushed back.

Nermin, also a Kurd from Iraq, wants to go to Germany. She said the camp is "really a bad place" with people being sick, "especially the children."

Fellow Iraqi Kurd, Binar, told a Reuters reporter he also wants to go to Germany and has been in the camp for 15 days so far.

Iraq's Prime Minister promised Poland on Thursday to help bring stranded Iraqi migrants back home and to continue a suspension of flights to Minsk, Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Thursday.

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