For real this time? New rumor suggests Apple is again working with Samsung on foldable screens

 IPhone Flip render.
IPhone Flip render.

Rumors about a potential Apple foldable iPhone have been heating up lately, though we have been reporting rumors and leaks about this dream device for years now.

Neowin reported that Samsung and Apple have struck a deal to have Samsung Display work with Apple on a foldable display. The elusive iPhone Flip has been whispered about for so long that we even reported this same rumor in December of last year.

Samsung Display has long been Apple's leading partner in making Apple phones and laptop displays. The December leak hinted that LG Display was also working on parts for an Apple foldable, including a 20.25-inch foldable MacBook.

The latest news suggests that a foldable iPhone will debut in 2026, well beyond the current timeline of later this year or possibly 2025. The leaks, which need to be taken with a grain of salt, come from industry experts related to the supply chain.

Apple has been reported to be working on two different foldable devices. On one side is the long-rumored iPhone Flip, which would be positioned to take on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The iPhone Flip has been rumored for so long that other companies, including Samsung, have lapped Apple multiple times over with foldable devices.

Display analyst Ross Young suggests a 2024 release of a foldable iPhone. He's usually on the mark regarding such tips. At this point, though, a foldable iPhone has reached Half-Life 3 levels of mythmaking.

However, a foldable iPad or MacBook might be the device we see before a foldable iPhone. Based on rumors, we're leaning more toward the foldable iPad, but Apple could always surprise us.

As tipped by analyst Jeff Pu, the foldable device Apple is allegedly actually working on a 20.3-inch device that he claims will come out in 2025. Supposedly it will be aimed at the high-end market. We expect it will probably live somewhere between a MacBook Pro and the Vision Pro in price, if true.

Jeff Pu also revealed that Apple is forgoing the iPhone Plus for the iPhone 17 lineup and will instead offer the iPhone 17 ‘'lim.’'

Will we see a foldable iPhone or iPad in the next two years? That is debatable; check back with us in six months and see if we're reporting on this rumor again.

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