'A Real Frickin' Conundrum': Parents Can't Stop Laughing as Teen's New Jeep Get Stuck in the Mud

A Texas teenager who was gifted a Jeep by her father for her high-school graduation in a viral video came unstuck as the vehicle got trapped in a muddy puddle just 10 days later, on June 19.

The girl, Paige Wilstead, was left almost speechless by the gift, but had plenty to say to her parents as she updated them on the vehicle’s predicament over a video call.

Her father, Dr Kenny Wilstead, captured footage as her mother, Ana, held the phone at Wilstead’s Smile Again Dental practice in Garland, trying not to laugh as Paige showed them her vehicle partially submerged in muddy water along a dirt road.

“This is a real frickin’ conundrum!” Paige says, while her mother and father chuckle. The teenager also turns the camera to show her brother, Parker, making an attempt to dig the vehicle out of the large puddle, prompting more laughs from their parents.

The pair had returned to the vehicle on June 20 after it ran into trouble the night before. According to her father, Paige had decided to take the Jeep “out in the middle of the night with her brother who considers himself an expert in Jeeps and off-roading, having a Jeep himself.”

As they were driving “it started to pour down rain,” he said, and Paige attempted to make her way through “a large puddle that was just forming on the trail.” Instead, though, she got the Jeep stuck “and had to abandon the vehicle and walk home with no shoes on,” Kenny Wilstread added.

Further video shared by Kenny on Facebook showed the family later managed to pull the Jeep out. Credit: @drkennysmiles via Storyful