When Real Estate Developers Up Their Game, It's the Home Buyers Who Win

When Real Estate Developers Up Their Game, It's the Home Buyers Who Win
When Real Estate Developers Up Their Game, It's the Home Buyers Who Win

Competition is a key component of any healthy capitalist industry because the fight for customers fosters innovation, fair pricing, and corporate responsibility. This is very much the case in the arena of real estate. Let’s take a look at five award-winning developers in Malaysia and see how their game-changing initiatives are benefitting home buyers.

KL Wellness City: Where quality of life is literally built-in

KL Wellness City Sdn Bhd (Consumer Game Changer of the Year) is the first developer in Southeast Asia to offer a mixed-use development that primarily focuses on enhancing the health and wellness of its residents. A world-class hospital and medical suites redefine how patients receive healthcare services. Research & development facilities and laboratories foster innovation in the field of medicine. Moreover, serviced apartments and green parks promote fitness and general well-being. In short, everything from wellness to medical research to intensive care can be found in the City.

Another one of the City’s innovations is the wellness suite. Medical tourists and other people who travel long distances to receive healthcare don’t have to look far from the hospital to find accommodations — they can stay in the City, even if it’s only for a short while. And while most hospitals are notorious for not providing patients’ caregivers with places to sleep, the City’s wellness suites ensure that those caregivers have a comfortable place to stay that’s close to their wards. Last but not least, wellness suites are the perfect homes for all the doctors, researchers, and other healthcare professionals working in the City.

SkyWorld’s Awani Series and WCT Land’s Adenia Apartments: Where first homes are both affordable and fabulous

Malaysians who are just starting to raise their families in or near Kuala Lumpur often think that they can only afford to rent an apartment or condo unit. And if they ever think of buying their first home, it’s often a cramped space, which is not ideal if they have children. SkyWorld Development Sdn Bhd (Visionary Developer of the Year) and WCT Land Sdn Bhd (People’s Choice Award Winner) changed all of this by building affordable three-bedroom two-bathroom homes in condominiums with many family-friendly amenities like pools and playgrounds.

SkyWorld constructed five Awani Residence towers specifically for first-time buyers who work and live in Wilaya Persekutuan and either earn no more than RM 10,000 a month as individuals or RM 15,000 a month as a combined household. The Awani series has already been sold out, which is to be expected since the 800-square-foot unit prices start at just RM 300,000.

Middle-income earners who want even more room in their homes and the feeling of being less crowded in the building can go to WCT Land’s Adenia. With 181 915-square-foot units spread across 22 floors, that’s fewer than ten units per floor on average. And with units starting at RM 375,000 that can be paid in full via stamp-duty-exempt loans from Skim Rumah Pertamaku, it’s no wonder that Adenia Apartments exceeded 200% in registrations of interest as of the third quarter of 2022.

Sunway City and Tropicana WindCity: Places where everything is in one place all at once

Integrated townships are popular in Malaysia for a reason: They work on so many levels. First, people get to live, work, and get what they want and need by just travelling a short distance. And if ever residents do need to go to places beyond the township, they can easily take public transportation. The walkability and connectivity features of townships significantly reduce the reliance on air-polluting cars.

Second, such townships tend to be more eco-friendly because they tap resources in their vicinity  (i.e., they don’t tap resources from far-flung areas, thereby reducing pressure on these) and do so in a sustainable manner. Third, integrated townships have great security since they employ police, private security, and advanced surveillance technology.

Sunway City by Sunway Iskandar (People’s Choice Award winner) is a perfect example of an integrated township that promotes the growth of businesses and the raising of families. With business hubs, education and healthcare parks, residential areas, and retail and recreation centres that are all integrated with nature, the City aims to support all 17 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and foster the ideal Malaysian community.

Tropicana Windcity by Tropicana Corporation Berhad (People’s Choice Award winner) offers residential and mixed-use developments that contain everything that people love in integrated townships but in the cool climes of the high mountains. At Windcity, residents can enjoy verdant vistas whilst living their best urban lives.

It’s a great time to be a Malaysian home buyer

Malaysians value family and community, economic opportunity and stability, sustainability, and comfort — and they want to live in homes that promote all of these. By competing for ever-discerning home buyers, developers deliver what Malaysians desire and more. Indeed, in this game of real estate one-upmanship, it’s the home buyers who win.