What Are the Real Ages of the 'Outer Banks' Cast?

Chelsey Sanchez
Photo credit: Courtesy of Netflix

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New Netflix series Outer Banks follows two sets of rivaling teenaged groups, the Kooks and the Pogues, acting as stand-ins for the all-American parable between the haves and the have-nots. As they search for buried treasure in North Carolina, they're plagued by the quintessential issues that crop up in Hollywood's portrayal of teenage angst: drugs, romance, money, murder mysteries. The kids are all right, but are the kids even kids?

Although the characters are mostly said to be around 16 years old, the cast is (unsurprisingly) much older than that. This fact, of course, isn't exactly breaking new ground, since most actors who play teenagers tend to exceed the age of their characters by a pretty substantial number of years.

Read on to be shocked (or not) by the real ages of the Outer Banks cast.

Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron

Age on the show: 16

Age in real life: 22

Cline is actually six years older than Sarah.

Chase Stokes as John B

Age on the show: 16

Age in real life: 27

Stokes is more than a decade older than the character he portrays on the show.

Madison Bailey as Kiara

Age on the show: 16

Age in real life: 21

Bailey is five years older than "Kie."

Jonathan Daviss as Pope

Age on the show: 16

Age in real life: 21

Daviss is also five years older than his character.

Rudy Pankow as JJ

Age on the show: 16

Age in real life: 21

JJ is five years younger than the actor who embodies him on our laptop and TV screens.

Drew Starkey as Rafe

Age on the show: 19

Age in real life: N/A

Somehow, amid the glittering tsunami of information that is the Internet, Starkey's real age isn't exactly known. However, since his character, Rafe, is 19 years old, it's almost safe to say that he's at least a few years older than that.

Austin North as Topper

Age on the show: 16

Age in real life: 23

North is seven years older than Topper.

Julia Antonelli as Wheezie Cameron

Age on the show: 13

Age in real life: 17

Antonelli happens to be the only teenager present in the main/recurring cast, but her character is still about four years younger than her.

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