Get Ready, There's a Brand-New ‘Suits’ Update

Get Ready, There's a Brand-New ‘Suits’ Update

Well, folks, it looks like we're inching one step closer to walking back into the world of Suits.

When the hit USA Network drama saw a resurgence after it dropped on Netflix this past summer, longtime fans were elated to learn a new series within the Suits universe was officially in the works at NBCUniversal. Since the only insight viewers got is that the show will take place in Los Angeles (rather than the original series' New York setting), many have been wanting more updates on what's to come.

Well, Beatrice Springborn, president of Universal International Studios and UCP, teased some major clues about the upcoming series when speaking at a U.K. industry conference called Content London. She not only shared that Suits'creator Aaron Korsh will be writing what she called "Suits L.A.," she also announced that the new show is in early stages at the moment.

"We are working on it right now," she said, per Variety on November 29. "It’s so fun and happy."

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Although that was all Beatrice would say about the current status of the spinoff, she did share her thoughts on why Suits continues to resonate with fans. According to her, continuing the Suits franchise feels natural because it's a show that people find easy to view.

"A lot of streamers are looking for ongoing series, things that feel easy to watch," she added. "Our show Suits is incredibly huge on Netflix. It is amazing looking people in great clothes but at the core of it you can’t have a show that’s successful with just that. It has to have great storytelling and great character work. So how do you do something that can be ongoing, have a gloss to it and be a continuing series that everyone wants?"

Well, we definitely see where Beatrice is coming from, especially as Suits had an incredible nine-season run from 2011-2019. And while it's not guaranteed that the new show will have the same longevity as the original (especially since the first spinoff Pearson only lasted one season), it's nice to imagine what will be down the road.

Now, should this new Suits series involve former cast members (say, Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht, Sarah Rafferty or even Meghan Markle), we'll be paying attention...

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