Ready To Buy A House? These Are The Top Features To Consider Before You Do

Ready To Buy A House? These Are The Top Features To Consider Before You Do
Ready To Buy A House? These Are The Top Features To Consider Before You Do

If you are looking to buy a house, you probably have a long list of must-have features and amenities that you want in your new abode. That list will certainly come in handy because home-buying can be tedious and complicated, and it pays to know what you and your family need beforehand.

Despite having a list, however, you might still overlook the necessary features and qualities. Here are some top features you should consider in your home-buying journey.

[The properties cited here won awards at the PropertyGuru Asia Awards Malaysia 2022.]


First and foremost: location.

Put location on top of your list when investing in real estate. An average-looking house in a good location will almost always beat an impeccably designed house in a bad location. You can always refurbish a poorly designed house, but you can’t change a bad location.

Consider consulting a real estate agent for options based on your preferences, whether it be a house on the hills, a waterfront property with ocean views, or a cottage by the woods.

If you prefer to stay close to the city, choosing a property near the central business district may be the way to go. Perhaps you value security above everything and may choose a gated community like Mutiara Hills, Semenyih (Winner, Best Mass Market Landed Development – Central). The Boustead Properties development, located in Broga Hills, will offer future residents the advantages of living in a gated community and sustainably constructed, open-plan living spaces. A residence in a gated community comes with many benefits, including a high level of security, privacy, and strictly controlled access.

If your dream home is one with gorgeous views of a lake or an ocean, or one along waterways, there are more than a handful of waterfront properties to choose from. The residential units at The Residences III by Sime Darby Property Berhad (Winner, Best Waterfront Landed Development) feature bright and breezy houses situated in beautifully landscaped gardens with water-fronting views.


You will want your new house’s interiors to not only be stylish but also functional. Therefore, you might have to assess a unit’s lighting options, furniture placement, and the colour of paint of all the rooms. You might also find yourself choosing among many different styles, perhaps between a loft-style dwelling or a two-storey house with a spacious family room. Other interior features you need to consider include the home amenities in the master bedroom, kitchen, dining area, and guest room.

This can be overwhelming, so a safe bet would be to choose a unit with simple, modern interiors and go from there. Modern interiors are typically characterised by minimalist patterns, monochromatic colours, clean lines, and natural materials. If a house with modern interiors is more to your taste, a property like Arden Hill (Winner, Best Value Landed Development) is worth a look. Sunrise MCL Land Sdn Bhd Seremban’s development is striking in its own way, comprising pared-down and pristine two-storey terraced homes with colonial-inspired interiors.

There is also something captivating about houses with interiors that emphasise design elements like concrete, wood, or even bold lines and patterns (e.g., horizontal lines, dynamic lines, geometric forms, etc.). These elements shape a house’s character.

In the soon-to-rise Seri Austin Heights (Winner, Best Landed Architectural Design), timber architectural elements are a main feature. The units at Aksi Sepakat Sdn Bhd’s residential development will also be accentuated by imposing attributes like large windows that let in plenty of natural light, ultimately aiming to create a tropical-weather home.


Many years down the road, you might find that your home’s appearance from the outside greatly matters. But besides its aesthetics, your home’s structure’s safety and its ability to stay intact in the face of natural elements hinge on its outdoor foundation.

Check out or inquire about its foundation (concrete or block?), settling (is it located in an earthquake-prone area?), roof, windows, and the grade of the property, among other factors.


Amenities could refer to those that are found within the residential community. In the case of condominiums, the most common amenities include a fitness centre, swimming pool, playground, and security. However, amenities could also refer to public facilities near the residence.

The availability of nearby amenities offers immense convenience, and it’s no surprise that many homebuyers are opting to buy in areas that answer this specific need. After all, living so close to places like schools, shops, hospitals, and offices offers unbeatable comfort. This is why many homebuyers find that deciding to invest in a property in townships like Ruby at Crest@Austin (Winner, Best Mass Market Landed Development – Southern) is an easy one to make. The original developer abandoned the construction of the development, but the “white knight” WM Senibong Sdn Bhd saved it. Future residents of the Mount Austin township would be lucky to have access to a wide range of amenities, including shopping malls, medical centres, and schools in their new community.