How to Read an Astrocartography Chart and How It Can Help Plan Your Next Vacation, According to an Astrologer

Astrocartography is a discipline of astrology that can help you narrow down the best places to live or visit, based on your birth chart

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Astrocartography graphic

The idea of relocating, planning a trip or even just figuring out a good spot for a weekend getaway can be overwhelming as there are so many villages, towns cities and countries one might want to live in or explore.

Thankfully, there is astrocartography or astrogeography — a discipline of astrology that can help you narrow down the best places to live or visit, based on your birth chart. This astrological method can help you hone the places that make you feel the most alive.

The rules of natal birth chart interpretation don't apply to this particular form of astrology and though it can be challenging to understand, let's break it down so that any novice astrologer can understand how this complex method works.

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What is astrocartography?

Astrocartography has been around for decades. It was developed by astrologer Jim Lewis in the 1970s when he decided to analyze why we are drawn, on a soulful level, to specific spots and studied the potent parts of our birth charts that draw us to regions.

Astrocartography shows how the placement of planets can affect the energy in places we live or travel. To understand this astrological system, it’s important to note that astrologists use parans or crossings to decode the information. These represent the vibe that the planets bring to us based on the latitude of our location.

Also, keep in mind that we only using the four angular (or cardinal) houses — the first house of self, known as the ascendant or AC; the fourth house of home, known as the immum coeli or IC; the seventh house of partnership, known as the descendent or DC and tenth house of public image known as the midheaven, medium coeli, or MC.

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In practice, that can mean someone who is a Libra rising, with Venus in their tenth house for their New York City birth chart identifies on a heartfelt level with their career.

If that same person has a Virgo ascendant in Chicago with the planet Saturn on the ascendant and the Sun in their tenth house, that means they would be more of a boss in the Windy City. Inversely, if they have Mars on their ascendant in San Antonio, that means they'd be assertive and defiant in that location, so it'd be wise to reconsider.

The chart relocates, and changes by area, but the planets in the angular houses also explain how you’d feel and what would potentially transpire in these regions.

How does your birth chart help with astrocartography?

Our birth charts are a key to deepening and developing an understanding of the self. It's said that no two birth charts are the same, which makes it unique. Therefore, they serve as a way of knowing the most pristine and perfect sites for us.

A birth chart can be erected using astrocartography here.

Once you have your astrocartography chart, you’ll see a giant map of the world with many lines. Zoom into an area that seems appealing to you, then, trace the line with your finger to find the planet it aligns with. The houses will be listed above so you can tell what energy is brought to that part of the chart.

Note: There is a 700-mile radius, known as “the orb of influence,” for the location you cosmically connect with. This gives you a broad bandwidth of space to find ideal spots. (The planets are in glyphs or symbols, which can be decoded here.)

Below is a breakdown of sentiments each planet brings out on an astrocartography chart:

Sun: You’ll be famous and full of vigor. You can be your most authentic self in this location.

Moon: You’ll connect with your emotional nature and want to be nurtured or be nurturing.

Mercury: You’ll be seen as an intellectual and always on the move.

Venus: Love and money seem abundant in these areas, as well as your confidence.

Mars: Passion and desire will help you thrive because you’d be taking action to attain your goals in that place.

Saturn: You’ll want to boss up, be an adult and have structure. Growing pains are possible.

Jupiter: Luck, fun and expansiveness will allow you to live your best life.

Uranus: Means that place can make you edgy, rebellious and spirited.

Neptune: You’ll have ups and downs in that location since Neptune is known as the “divine discontent.”

Pluto: These lines are very potent since Pluto brings enormous changes and transformations.

Chiron: This centaur can bring healing to our hearts and relationships.

North and south node of destiny: Fate takes a hand, pushing us to evolve or release past karma.

How can you make astrocartography work for you?

One of the most frequently asked questions people ask after getting their astrocartography chart is, “Will I be happy here?” To answer that question, one should look at the planets affecting the ascendant after all, this house defines our identity and the energy we pour into the universe.

You can then look at the other houses. For example, the fourth house, or IC, depicts family life and foundation and the seventh house or DC represents relationships — precisely what we project into partnerships. If you're moving for love or wanting romance, look to the first and seventh houses to find out what you're attracting.

The tenth house or MC refers to our careers, which means looking at this section of the birth chart to view one’s professional and career potential is critical. If you've felt that you're at a crossroads in your career, you could use astrocartography to help you find an area that puts you in a professional position that best aligns with your ambitions.

What if there are no lines in certain areas of the astrocartography chart?

A look at the whole map can help you find energy sources. Don't stress if the lines aren't where you live or would want to live. That simply means you could benefit from comparing those places to the locations where there are lines and see if there is a difference. An astrocartography chart helps you tap into that celestial calling to go on a vacation or get out of your comfort zone and head to a place that’s buzzing with cosmic potential.

Can astrocartography affect us without traveling?

Yes. You don't have to physically travel to a location to feel connected to the area. If you have lines running through a city or country far away from you and identify with the people, culture, music, fashion or food, you might have an anchor there and feel it intuitively.

Make a list of your closest pals, and check out your astrocartography charts to find out if there is an association.

Energy is energy, and it affects you whether you do move, travel or stay home.

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