Razer and Gillette finally hooked up

 Razer collaboration with Gillette
Razer collaboration with Gillette

Razer's finally done it. After years of misspellings, countless rogue Amazon results, and the odd April Fool's Day joke, the gaming specialist brand has teamed up with Gillette to bring a new razor to market.

Officially named the GilletteLabs Razer Limited Edition, the shaver inherits Razer's trademark green coloring and iconography and Gillette's exfoliating bar. The result is something we never asked for, but ultimately knew at some point we'd be getting.

It's silly but it's fun, and I'm betting it's going to pick up some solid gifting traction - after all, what to do you get the gamer who has everything? A lesson in personal hygiene. The two brands are serious about the collaboration, though, explaining that the brands have "occupying the same spaces" for some time now and have been looking for a way to combine their efforts to provide something new for gamers.

It looks like the only Razer input is that green colorway with a faint snake pattern on the main handle, so no RGB or RTX 4090 baked in here. Still, it's a neat collaboration that can extend your setup into your bathroom, and have you plotting your next Baldur's Gate 3 move from the comfort of your sink.

Razer's no stranger to a collab, previously partnering with Japanese denim brand Evisu, Panerai watches, Tumi luggage, and Cariuma sneakers. None of those could keep a gal's legs stubble free, though.

The GilletteLabs Razer Limited Edition will be available in-store from September 1 in the UK.

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