Rats Found With Tails Tied Together in Eastern Estonia

A group of rats with their tails knotted together was discovered on a rural property in eastern Estonia’s Polva County on October 18 in a phenomenon known as a rat king.

Johan Uibopuu, who shot this footage, told the Daily Mail his mother found 13 rats, two of which were already dead, and called him.

“She had gone to feed the birds at the chicken coop when she saw a bundle of rats right at the entrance as she opened the door,” he said. “When the shock wore off, she went to investigate and tried to remove them from her way, but they were firmly stuck to the ground.”

Noting the cause of rat kings are “uncertain”, an academic article published by Estonia’s University of Tartu said a possible explanation was that the knot formed “after the tails are glued or frozen together.” Credit: Johan Uibopuu via Storyful

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