Rat snake tangled up in net saved by local rescuer in southern India

A rat snake that became entangled in a net was saved by a local rescuer in southern India.

The incident took place on November 23 at a resort in Belgaum district of Karnataka state.

Footage shot by the rescuers shows how the snake had become enmeshed in the netting, and how the lead rescuer, Anand, was able to cut it free with scissors, revealing injuries to the snake's body.

According to reports, when first noticed, the snake was left undisturbed by the resort staff in the hopes that it would leave on its own.

However, this led to the snake getting caught up in the net and leading to the entrapment.

The rescuer, Anand, got the snake out of its situation and took the reptile to get proper treatment before releasing it in a safer location.