Rat enters dog park in New York, sparks chaos as canines try to catch it (VIDEO)

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, May 27 — It was a moment of chaos at popular dog park Tompkins Square Dog Run in Manhattan when a rat ran into a group of dogs there.

In a clip posted on Twitter, owners were seen frantically trying to stop their pets from chasing, surrounding and taking a bite at the rat, New York Post reported.

The clip — which has amassed over six million views as of Friday afternoon — is set to the jazzy tune They Say It’s Spring by Blossom Dearie as the pups kicked up dust.

While many couldn’t catch the rat, one dog, later revealed as a four-year-old Jindo mix named Zoey, locked jaws on the rodent — shaking her head before tossing the rat in the air.

Her owner, initially dubbed 'gray sweatshirt guy” in the comments, quickly shut it down, pointing at Zoey as if to say, 'Stay back!”

Needless to say, Twitter users went into a frenzy and cracked jokes about the rogue rat.

'You know it’s a New York rat because it fought back. Ready to risk it all,” @JillNewyen wrote.

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