Rare wild horse species has new home at Prague Zoo

This central Asian wild horse species was once near extinction

Now these four Przewalski’s horses have a new home at the Prague Zoo

where they will be a part of a special breeding program

to rebuild their numbers in the steppes of central Asia

(SOUNDBITE) (Czech) PRAGUE ZOO DIRECTOR, MIROSLAV BOBEK, SAYING: "This whole project aims to recreate the steppe environment here with its original fauna and flora with the horses' help. For now, we have four mares in an area of almost 20 hectares. A stallion will come here too, when the situation stabilizes. And well, we expect that then we will also have some foals. But it will be one stud of Przewalski's horses that will live off what they can graze in this area."

The zoo released the horses on a 50-acre plain

while it rebuilds their permanent stable