Rare white lions find new home at Venezuelan zoo

STORY: Three rare white lions have found a new home in Venezuela

after a long journey from the Czech Republic

Location: Caricuao Zoo, Venezuela

The two-year-old lions were brought over as part of a plan

to boost visitor numbers at the capital’s zoo

and bring joy to poorer families

Kids enter for free and adult tickets cost $1

[Bernardo Pereira, Manager / Caricuao Zoo Department of Nutrition]

“The Caricuao Zoo is the only one with the suitable infrastructure for that sort of exotic fauna or African fauna among Venezuela's zoos. It was specifically designed for exotic fauna, compared to other zoos, that were designed for native fauna. Having the white lions in the zoo doesn't just mean a lot for us, who look after the animals' health. For Venezuelans who don't have the economic means to travel far away to see these animals up close, this is really important."

The zoo now boasts more than 300 animals

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