Rare 'Rock Star' Pig Born at English Zoo

An adorable Visayan warty pig, one of the world’s rarest pigs, was born at Chester Zoo in the UK, the zoo announced on December 23.

Video released by Chester Zoo shows the striped male piglet running around and exploring his home. The piglet was born on November 16, joining a family of five, the zoo said.

His mum, Gwen, was named for Gwen Stefani, and his dad, Tre, for Tre Cool, the drummer for Green Day, reflecting the oft-repeated opinion that the adult males look like rock musicians.

Mark Brayshaw, Curator of Mammals at Chester Zoo, said: “It’s fantastic to see the birth of any animal, but when they’re critically endangered and fighting for survival in the wild, it makes it even more special."

He added, “Baby piglets are incredibly energetic and playful, and so the whole group will certainly be kept very busy over the coming months!”

The pig species, whose habitat is Philippine rain forest, has suffered a drastic population decline in the wild amid agricultural expansion, logging, and hunting, the zoo said. Credit: Chester Zoo via Storyful

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