Rare plant with foul stench blooms in Netherlands

STORY: These rare tropical plants smell like rotting flesh

Location: Leiden, Netherlands

This is the first time they have flowered in the Netherlands

In Dutch they’re known as ‘penis plants’

(Rogier van Vugt, Horticulturalist)

“The botanical name is amorphophallus gigas, and amorphophallus means 'shapeless penis'. So in the Netherlands it got the name penis plant, which a lot of people found very exciting so, yeah, people want to see it."

The stench is meant to attract pollinating

insects that normally feed on rotting flesh

These ones are over 11 feet tall

“So people are used to flowers, but they are not used to flowers which are that big. So this is, it's rather of a spectacle. Most people have never seen anything like it.”

The plant is native to Indonesia