Rare falcons are released back to Siberian wilds

This 20-day-old falcon chick is being released in Siberia

where it will live in the nests of wild falcons

Location: Moscow, Russia

The Altai Saker falcon is famous for its special dark color -->

It was in high demand on the black market

and is now regarded as a threatened species

This bird nursery in Moscow has taken care of

and released 40 chicks into the wild

RARE BIRD SPECIES NURSERY 'VITASFERA' DIRECTOR, EVGENIY SARYCHEV, SAYING:"The Altai Saker falcon, with a dark color, was very popular among poachers and was quickly seized. And only due to the fact that chicks of this particular phenotype are preserved in our nursery, and birds of this phenotype that reproduce, thanks to this, we can return the Altai Saker falcons into nature."

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