Rare collection of Apple vintage devices

STORY: Remember these old Apple devices?

Enthusiast Jimmy Grewal has built up an impressive collection

consisting of nearly 200 Apple computer and accessories

Jimmy Grewal: “This collection is very important to me because it’s a snapshot into my childhood and my memories. I have memories of all of these computers either I used them or owned them or they were ones that I wanted to own but never had. The other thing that is interesting for me is that many of these computers were not commercially successful and so it reminds me that you can work hard and still make a product that is not successful. But you have to keep trying and keep trying and eventually you will generate enough success that the world will remember you as one of the greatest successes ever.”

Grewal plans to sell an Apple-1 computer on eBay

to fund further pop-up exhibitions showing off his 'AAPL Collection'

Jimmy Grewal: “In November of last year, 2021, I was invited to a small event in Dubai where Steve Wozniak the co-founder of Apple and the designer of the Apple-1 computer was present.”

“He (Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak) was a bit taken back to attend a small event in Dubai and have someone walk up and pull an original Apple-1 computer out of a bag. This computer along with the other one which is going up for auction were signed by Steve Wozniak. You can see his signature here on the board section. This particular one will stay in my collection indefinitely. I'm very attached to it. It has a lot of personal significance to me and I hope to put this on display somewhere very soon.”

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