Rare albino jaguarundi cub rescued in Colombia

This rare albino jaguarundi cub

was rescued in Colombia

[Locator: Medellin, Colombia]

Where its being nursed

back to health

Jaguarundis are a type of puma

native to North and South America

But the cub's albinism means

surviving in the wild

could be problematic

"At this point, this animal cannot be released to the wild due to its albino condition. It is predisposed to certain health disorders, certain disadvantages when performing in the wild, such as the impossibility of camouflaging itself, making it easy for it to be seen by its prey. Therefore, the only alternative for it is to end his life in a park such as this."

It's the first reported case

of its kind in the country

After receiving medical care

the cat will be moved

to a conservation park

in the city of Medellin

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