Rare Albino Deer Trots Through South Carolina Neighbourhood

A rare albino deer trotted across a lawn in a Mount Pleasant neighbourhood in South Carolina on March 4.

Paulann Perry filmed a video which shows the white doe running across a road in a residential area before it stops to look at her camera, on a rainy day.

“She seemed instinctively very nervous,” Perry told Storyful. “This was the first time we have seen the albino doe venture forth with the herd (of deers).”

Perry told Storyful that she had seen approximately 15 deer walking through her yard each day. Her husband Daniel Christopher Drummond told Storyful that he and his wife threw corn, carrots and sliced apples across their yard for the deer to consume.

Drummond said, “The albino does not come out when it’s sunny outside. She hides in the woods behind our house.”

Wildlife experts said the albino deer was rare and only one in 30,000 deer are this shade of white, according to a local TV website article. Credit: Paulann Perry via Storyful