Rapper Iggy Azalea’s Saudi show cut short by authorities after wardrobe malfunction on stage (Video)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 28 — Australian rapper Iggy Azalea's gig in Saudi Arabia was cut short after a wardrobe malfunction during the 33-year-old's headlining performance at an e-sport event concert at Boulevard Riyadh City on August 25.

According to People, Azalea via a now deleted tweet on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, apologised to her fans and said that the authorities wouldn’t let her continue with her performance.

The Work rapper who was wearing a latex outfit, had split her pants on stage while she was squatting.

A video on X showed Azalea, who remained in her position, tried her best to conceal her torn pants, then called out to her backstage crew, who later brought a towel for her to cover up.

“Saudi Arabia, please know to everyone at the show tonight, I LOVE YOU. And I’m so sorry I wasn’t allowed to finish my show.

“It’s not the promoter who put on the show’s fault, so show them kindness because they are amazing people and we all wanted to continue but were not allowed by authorities because of my pants splitting,” she wrote in the now deleted post.

In a reply to a fan on X who was asking why she didn't just swapped pants, Azalea said that she did, however her comments on stage had prompted authorities to take action.

“I did but I also said ‘Ladies make some noise, it’s a woman’s world!’ and apparently that sent the authorities over the edge.

“I’m cool, I just didn’t want the fans to be sad or angry at the show organisers because it wasn’t in their control or mine, it was the police at the side of the stage,” she wrote in her reply.

Azalea was headlining for the final week of the Gamers8 music concerts which started in July.

Other international artists who had performed on the August 25 show included DJ Soda and singers Zeina and Sherine.