Rapid KL’s social media post on advising public not to eat on trains get brickbats instead

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KUALA LUMPUR, July 20 — Malaysian public transport service provider Rapid KL riled up social media after it put a post online advising the public not to eat while onboard their trains.

On Monday, the public transport provider via their social media shared a photo of two girls eating instant noodles while boarding the MRT.

They also included a playfully sarcastic caption along with the photo.

“We don’t recall providing hot water for Maggi (a brand of instant noodle) on our trains. you’ve eaten (while on board) and you’re not wearing any face masks.

“For your own comfort, there’s a reason why we don’t allow passengers to eat and drink while on our trains,” Rapid KL captioned the post along with the hashtag #Tegursebabsayang (advising out of love) and #RapidKL.

On Facebook, the post has garnered over 10,000 likes with over 2,000 comments and has been shared over 1,000 times at the time of writing.

However, the sudden influx of interest was not what Rapid KL would’ve expected from the post.

While some local Facebook users agreed with the post, others condemned the public transport provider for their own faulty services in the comment section.

“It’s good to give advice out of love. We also want to advise, when will all the escalators as well as the ongoing leaking ceiling that even whales can swim in it will get repaired ya? It’s been months coming to years now.

“It’s a painful sight and aren’t you ashamed of tourists?” commented Facebook user Nor Sabariah Abdul Kadir.

“How about us who have been advising (you) for so long. Late LRT’s. Late buses. What’s going on with that?” Facebook user Khauselyia Padmanathan commented.

“Maybe they’re hungry because they had to take the stairs because the lifts and elevators all broke down. Then maybe because they had to wait longer for the train to arrive. Maybe,” Facebook user Najib Hamid commented.

On Twitter, Rapid KL’s tweet garnered over 5,000 likes and has been retweeted over 4,000 times with over 2,000 quoted Tweets.

Most local Twitter users were also seen condemning Rapid KL in both the reply and quoted tweets by listing out their own experiences with Rapid KL.

“Oh, so you’re condemning people now. Late trains, can’t hear the location announcement, the screen map wasn’t visible, escalators look like they have never been fixed, faulty top up and coin machines.

“Same goes to your buses, sometimes available, sometimes not. Your Pulse app is also problematic,” Twitter user imrakin tweeted.

“Hi. Thank you for your feedback. Netizens are aware and doing their best to fix the habit as soon as possible,” Twitter user Fanilayuni sarcastically tweeted.

Other Twitter users were also seen replying to Rapid KL’s tweet with a snippet of a congested LRT station which was believed to be taken recently.

Previously it was reported in June that Rapid KL had increased the peak-time frequency for all their rail services with Ampang and Sri Petaling lines set at three-minute intervals for central business district stops.

The Kelana Jaya route frequency was updated to every five minutes during peak hours starting from 5pm to 7.30pm.

Meanwhile, there would be a 10-minute interval for the monorail line and a six-minute wait for the Kajang route.

This is after passengers have taken to social media to lament the public transport provider for the congestion at their stations.

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