Rangers Star Corey Seager Hits Home Run into Fan's Nachos: 'If There's Cheese on It, It's Gone'

The shortstop's solo homer made for cheesy TV — literally — but it wasn't enough to secure a Rangers win

<p>Tim Nwachukwu/Getty </p> Corey Seager rounds the base after hitting a home run into a Phillies fan

Tim Nwachukwu/Getty

Corey Seager rounds the base after hitting a home run into a Phillies fan's nachos

There was an unexpected — and unexpectedly cheesy! — casualty during Tuesday’s Major League Baseball game.

During a matchup between the Texas Rangers and Philadelphia Phillies on May 22, the former walked away victorious while one fan walked away without their nachos — that is, after Rangers shortstop Corey Seager hit a home run right at them.

At the top of the eighth inning, as the Rangers attempted to recover from a 1-3 deficit, Seager, 30, scored the team’s final point of the game — and accidentally hit a home run right into some nachos belonging to a Phillies fan, nonetheless — as seen in a clip shared on social media by Bally Sports Southwest.

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As the ball neared the stands at Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Park, a young fan reached out with a baseball glove to grab it while another fan, who was sitting right next to them, reached out with their nachos.

Naturally, the baseball hit the snack (not the glove), and the fan’s food tumbled down onto the outskirts of the diamond, with nacho cheese splattering all over the ground.

The ball, meanwhile, bounced off of a railing and back onto the field, leaving the fan not only nacho-less but also souvenir-less.

As the umpires decided whether the ball was live and in play or a home run for Seager, the play-by-play commentators watching couldn't help but crack jokes about the unfortunate — or fortunate, depending on which team you flavor — collision.

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In the aftermath of the cheesy homer, one said, “Looks like Corey must’ve got some nachos right there,” while another pointed out the remnants of the fan’s nachos on the railing. “All you gotta do is check the baseball,” one of the analysts joked, adding, “If there’s cheese on it, it’s gone.”

And, while watching a replay of the moment, the broadcasters attempted to paint the full picture, speculating that the nacho-holding fan was the younger fan’s mom. "Mama’s trying to catch it with the plastic nacho sack,” one of them noted as a slow-mo replay of the collision showed on screen, while the other added: “That’s a poor idea.”

Though the umpire ultimately ruled Seager’s hit a home run, it was not enough to put the Rangers over the edge — just the nachos. The Phillies fans, meanwhile, walked away with a win and a good (albeit cheesy) story.

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