Ranger finds himself face to face with elephant during close safari encounter

This is the incredible close-up between a ranger and an elephant at Kruger National Park, South Africa on April 5. Our filmer, Edrich, takes us through the scene. "It was during a late afternoon in the Kruger National Park that we headed out for our afternoon safari with local tourists. The safari was led by myself and my animal tracking ranger, Erick, sitting on the front seat. I was not long before we came across a small herd of elephants drinking at a watering hole. We switched off the vehicle some distance away from the herd and watch the elephants drinking, with some slowly leaving the watering hole after quenching their thirst. One specific female then suddenly gave two loud rumbles while walking straight towards Erick sitting on the front of the vehicle. To sit in that seat, you need nerves of steel. It was a tense moment when the female elephant went and stood still a few meters in front of the vehicle, just staring at us. This is where you never really know the elephant’s next move, as there is not any real body language or behavioural signs to go by. The big old female elephant then decided to walk right past Erick. When she was right next to the vehicle while walking past, the elephant cow slowed down and looked at Erick while he looked at her. I could sense it was too close for comfort for both of them and the elephant quickly decided to move on. During the whole experience, not one of the eight guests on my vehicle made a single sound. Erick as always showed great experience in handling the situation as calm as possible."