Randy Rainbow Trashes 'MAGA Spawn' Marjorie Taylor Greene in 'Grease' Spoof

Randy Rainbow threw “Grease” on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) recently ― and it’s the one that we want! (Watch the video below.)

Rainbow, the Emmy- and Grammy-nominated mocker of the political right, used the musical’s “Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee” to taunt Greene for her combativeness, conspiracy theories and devotion to Donald Trump.

Sure, the comedian tweaked the words a bit for “Look at Me, I’m MTG!” in a video he released on YouTube last week.

“Look at me, I’m MTG, crapping on democracy. Started out fringe but rose up to unhinge ― the whole damn GOP,” Rainbow sings in a blond wig as the extremist lawmaker.

The song gets even more personal.

“Bring it on, I’m MAGA spawn, take my cues from QAnon,” he croons.

If anyone in Trump’s orbit is controversial enough for an encore, it’s Greene. This is at least the second time Rainbow has devoted a full video parody to her. He zinged her back in 2021 with the Barbra Streisand song “Evergreen.”

Rainbow’s traditional faux interview of his far-right subject kicks off the clip with a spoof of “60 Minutes” ― known in his world as “60 MAGATS.”