Ramadan food distribution in full swing across Middle East

STORY: In Gaza City, Amjad al-Majdalawi distributes food to people in refugee camps.

"We might not be able to reach them all but we try to reach as many poor people as we can so that we can cater to their needs with food and meals during the month of Ramadan."

In countries like Egypt and Iraq, kitchens run by volunteers or workers have been operating for decades and have helped hundreds along the way.

In Lebanon, people feel the brunt of the country’s economic meltdown and many are not able to afford the same Iftar meals as before.

The holy month of Ramadan is an opportunity for observing Muslims to donate for the needy, either through cash assistance or meal distribution. People usually donate for charities and volunteers who prepare daily hot meals, or prepare meals at home by themselves.

They view feeding the needy as an important means of worship as well as to strengthen social cohesion.

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