Rallies in Berlin, Paris call for peace in Ukraine

Protesters in the German and French capitals Saturday demanded peace for Ukraine, a day after activists in both countries marked one year since the Russian invasion.

Police said about 10,000 people braved the falling snow in central Berlin to call for negotiations with Moscow rather than weapons deliveries to Ukraine.

Under the slogan "Rise up for Peace", demonstrators bundled up against the cold gathered at the iconic Brandenburg Gate near where a day earlier activists had parked a bombed-out Russian tank in front of Russia's embassy in Berlin.

Organised by far-left politician Sahra Wagenknecht and feminist Alice Schwarzer, who both addressed the crowd, the demonstration is controversial for drawing support from far-right politicians too.

The two women have also launched a petition which claims to have gathered more than 645,000 signatures.

In Paris, several hundred people sang Ukraine's national anthem at Place de la Republique before Ukrainian children dressed in traditional costume led a procession.

Hand on his heart, 73-year-old Volodymyr Kraftchenko, who fled Ukraine a year ago, condemned "those who violated our land and our rights".

On Friday, thousands of protesters across Europe marched against Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.