Rainton: Mother hits out at door staff after viral video of 14-year-old girl being choked

Rainton Arena
Footage of the 14-year-old being held around the neck by a security guard has gone viral. (BBC)

The mother of a 14-year-old girl whose altercation with a doorman has gone viral said the incident had left her daughter frightened to leave the house.

A video of the girl being ejected from a teen disco at Rainton Arena in Sunderland shows the security guard with his hands around her neck.

It has been viewed millions of times online and has sparked a police investigation, while the venue said the member of staff in question had been sacked by the security company he was employed by.

Speaking to the BBC, the girl said she thought she was going to die during the altercation, which she said was sparked after she got into an argument with door staff when they refused to let her re-enter the venue.

She said two door staff tried to calm the situation, but a third "started screaming and shoving".

In the footage, the girl can be seen being dragged out of the venue, with one bouncer with his hands around her neck as people shout "get off her".

The incident happened at Rainton Arena on 19 May. (Google Maps)
The incident happened at Rainton Arena on 19 May. (Google Maps)

Her mother Gemma told BBC Newsbeat that her daughter, who sleeps in a loft bedroom at their home, often calls her in the night because she can't sleep after the incident.

She claimed the situation escalated when her daughter got upset at being pushed, saying that while she "got a bit mouthy", she wasn't "any kind of threat to anybody" and the reaction by door staff was over the top.

She also dismissed criticism of her daughter and speculation that she was drunk, saying: "It's just ridiculous that people are actually trying to find some kind of blame.

"She's had posts saying she deserved it because of the way that she was dressed, which is just absolutely outrageous."

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Her daughter told the BBC that the experience had left her fearful of being in crowded places, adding: "Things that I found funny just aren't funny any more."

Rainton Arena said in a post on Facebook that it had referred the incident, which happened on 19 May, to Northumbria Police.

It said: "The incident has been raised to Northumbria Police, as the venue will not accept this type of behaviour towards anyone. This is not how anyone should be made to feel at any event.

"Staff and event organisers are all parents, and we are not happy with the actions of the individual.

"The Childs Parents have been contacted and shown all CCTV as we will be fully cooperating with the parents and police.

"The Security Company which were hired for the event have also terminated the employment of the individual involved. They have also contacted the police and made them aware they will be fully cooperating."

A Northumbria Police spokesperson said: "We received a report of assault which is alleged to have taken place at about 9.30pm on Friday at Rainton Meadows Arena, on Mercantile Road, Houghton-le-Spring.

"No-one is believed to have been seriously injured. Enquiries are ongoing. Anyone with information should use the ‘Tell us Something’ page of our website, or call 101 quoting NP-20230520-0288."

What can and can't door staff do?

Like other citizens, doorman can only use force if it is used against them.

They can ask people to leave venues, check ID, refuse entry, issue verbal warnings, break up rights, and protect innocent bystanders from violence.

They are allowed to respond with force that is reasonable and proportionate to defend themselves or others, or to protect property or prevent crime, but cannot use unreasonable force.